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A poem in Carousel Magazine + A reading

March 25, 2014

I’m very happy about having a poem in issue #32 of Carousel Magazine. In relation to that, I’ll be part of a reading on April 3, 2014.


Here’s the cover of the issue that has my poem in it:

The Tale of the Eyeball Tree

March 21, 2014


“The Tale of the Eyeball Tree” is a 12-page story by Brice Hall and me. I printed a proof-reading copy today. It looks amazing! I can’t wait to share it with people.

Buster Keaton and Harpo Marx vs. Alien: Read the five-page comic, “Silent Scream”

September 17, 2013


Here’s all of Part one: Stonefacehugger

Page one | Page two

And here’s Part two: Harpalien

Page one | Page two | Page three

Some time ago, Sam Noir asked Brice Hall and me if we would like to collaborate on a comic for Sam’s anthology, Heady Mental.

We came up with a short story in two parts, along the lines of “Buster Keaton and Harpo Marx versus Alien.”

The first issue of Heady Mental (available at the Comic Book Embassy and the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery) contained part one of our story, and today I saw that part two has just finished being serialized online.

Two new comics: Holmes Inc. #4 and Cerebus: Low Society

September 13, 2013

It’s been a great summer for writing comic book stories. Last night I saw some absolutely beautiful pencils by Brice Hall for a story I wrote, and the sequel to our Silent Scream comic is currently up on the Heady Mental website (two of the three pages are up so far, with the last one set to go up next week–I’ll post another update when the complete story is up).

I’ve been working with a bunch of talented people over the past several months on a few projects, including more comic book stories, a film script, comedy sketches and even a pitch for an animated show…plus, I landed a new day job. On top of all that, I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute to the Holmes Incorporated again, and to take part in a project called Cerebus: Low Society.

I wrote a story for last year’s Holmes Inc. comic, and when I returned for this year’s project, my mind was totally blown because I learned that Ty Templeton would be drawing my story! It was an incredible experience, and it still blows my mind.

Here are some previews of the various stories in this year’s Holmes Inc. on Ty’s website:

Preview 1          Preview 2

And here’s the complete story I wrote, drawn by Ty:

alchemy_pg1(click to read the full seven-page story on Ty’s website)

I should have more information soon about where to find the complete issue. You can download the three previous issues of Holmes Inc. for free here.

Cerebus: Low Society was another interesting project, where I was able to work with Rob Walton as the editor (who also provided generous advice about that pitch for the animated show) and Dylan Kloepfer as the artist. I was very happy about writing a story that included a Harpo Marx character! Here are some details about the project, which should be available in comic book stores soon.

“Silent Scream”: A comic book story inspired by Buster Keaton

May 21, 2013

1859_10151532203381154_969383571_nA few months ago I collaborated with Brice Hall on a two-page story for Heady Mental magazine, a great anthology of short comic stories put together by the talented and tireless Sam Noir of the Comic Book Embassy. Now it’s available for viewing online!

Brice is an absolutely amazing artist–take a look at his work on his website,

Here’s a sample image from our collaboration, “Silent Scream.” Think, “Buster Keaton meets Alien.”

Read page 1

Read page 2

My new book arrived: The Ultimate Book of Family Card Games

May 8, 2013

I came home to a great surprise yesterday: copies of my latest book, sent from Sterling Publishing! I was about to go out to meet my mom and brother at a Chinese restaurant, so I brought some books along for them. When we were ready to order dinner, one of the staff in the restaurant saw the cover of my book and became really excited and talkative. It seems she was convinced that the book was about how to play blackjack, and she loved to gamble. She was very friendly and happy, and offered a lot of advice about gambling, but I don’t think she believed us when we told her the book wasn’t about blackjack.

Here are a few links for buying the book:

Here’s the cover…It’s a larger-format book than I had expected, and I like it!

Inside cover: I like the formatting a lot.cardgames2

An example of the inside pages: it’s full-colour and on high-quality paper.cardgames3

Writing for Television: Conversations with Rod Serling

April 25, 2013

I think this is from 1972, when he was teaching at Ithaca College.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16



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